Burger King


After having travelled extensively across the globe, I entered burger king with a lot of skepticism. And I was really very disappointed.. There was nothing special about the food they are serving. I tried two burgers – Veg Whopper and Chicken Whopper.

The Bun – Smelly
The Patty – Soggy
The Sauces – Tasteless
The Veggies – Rotten

Veggie Strips and Fiery Rings – Worst Ones I have ever tasted..

Even the place was very badly managed, unkept, untidy and full of insects..
I wish them all the best.. and trust they will improve …


F Bar


Last night my visit to F Bar left me wondering … does being a brand gives anyone the right to be a snob ? It was a night of super highs and super lows.

The place looks awesome .. lots of cozy corners and comfortable seating. We booked in advance a table for eight. Once there it took them about 20 mins to figure out where to seat us 🙂 thought the place was practically empty being a Sunday night.

The menu is pretty impressive with lots of booze options on it.  But once we ordered a round of scotch the server came back telling us that it’s not available. Then it happened with two more brands and finally he said all we have is black label and teachers. An attempt to order a bourbon also went futile because they din’t have that either. Had to settle down with beer and with again just 2 options Kf ultra and bira. I really wondered does there customers drink only the options above or were they out of inventory. They could have saved money (and paper) on printing such an exhaustive menu. I wonder what would happen with wine lovers.

Drinks ordered after a lot of struggle.

Now we ask for the menu again as the server took it away. To my sheer horror the captain of the floor tells us.. you have already ordered why do you need it again ????? Does F bar has a rule that they take order only once… a friend of mine got furious but who wants to spoil a good evening.

Food ordered.

1. Tomato olive bruschettas – tasted good – full of flavor – High quality ingredients – olives flavor was very full and rich and tomatoes ripe and juicy and the bread crunchy

2. Anari seekh kabab – the kebabs had a nice smoky punch .. spices balanced but Anari ?? No. .  All I saw was 4 – 5 pomegranate seeds on the platter

3. Lebanese platter – very basic – off the shelf stuff on it. Tasted straight out of a pre packed box.

4. Non veg platter – mutton keema filled fried rolls. . Keema was a little dry and bland for my taste but most people should like it.

Fish – delicately cooked and flavored well

Chicken kebab – was moist and marinated well. Cooked to perfection

5. Chick and chips – battered deep fried chicken – very crunchy outside – juicy chicken inside and Not even a hint of oil – but the chips were soggy

Snob value 10

Brand value 10

Ambience 10

Food 6

Service – 0 – I had to pick up fresh glasses on my own from the bar counter next to us. And that is after they are priced twice than any decent club.

Courtsey – 0 – they make you feel like that it’s a burden on them if you have come to there club and they are really troubled to serve you.

Revisit – never ever again – may be it was a bad night

They supposedly have badshah performing on Friday. They claim to have 1500 reservations. I wonder how will they manage it when a front staff of around 25 was not able to cater to just 50 odd guests.