Mad Monkey

First visit to this cozy little restaurant.

Ordered a penne pasta with rose sauce.
The dish really intrigued me.
The pasta was a bit over cooked.
Very few veggies.
The spice and chilly flakes were overpowering all other falvors.
Though the texture of the sauce was rich and buttery.

On digging into the reason behind it i got to know that it was because the guests in that area liked it that way. If cooked the right way they complain that its too bland and the pasta is raw if it al dente.

It explains a lot that even a chef from amici and summer house has to give in to local demands.

The instant coffee went well with the spicy pasta.

The food is priced low. The place is cozy. Will suit a lot to college going crowd.

Do give it a shot.

Fiery Grills

Its an average restaurant in an otherwise empty shopping mall. It was my second visit to this place.

They have an all you can eat buffet menu. It had

For starters – Chicken malai tikka, lemon fish, grilled fish, tandoori chicken, mutton keema, veg seekh kebab, fried vegetables, paneer tikka and a couple of other things.
Main course – daal makhni, peas pulao, paneer , mutton gravy dish, chicken , some vegetables
Desserts – gulab jamun, moong daal halwa, chocolate pie cake

Every thing was below average on all counts – quality of ingredients, cooking – they were either over or under cooked, flavors which were totally missing.

The only thing which hit some nerve was the chocolate pie cake which somehow felt good to eat.

The place is cheap but still didnt give me enough value for my money. I guess most the reviewers have the same opinion.
The ambience is dark and dingy and some people do enjoy the live karaoke they have.

Cafe 24 – Hotel City Park

This 24 hour cafe is 5 mins walk from my house and my favorite for anytime soul satisfying food.

Tonight we ordered a fried spicy oat fish, grilled herb chicken fettuccini pasta and a dal makhni platter (i dont remember the exact names of the dishes though)

The fish was very delicately cooked. Very soft from the inside and a perfectly fried crust with not even a single drop of oil in sight. They served it with some coleslaw salad and tartar sauce and fries.
It was really very good cooking but i am wondering what makes them call it spicy.

The pasta in tomato based sauce was very rich in all the flavors and the chicken was succulent and herbed well. But it felt as if they were two different dishes in top of each other though the quality of both in terms of cooking, flavor and freshness of ingredients was very high.

The daal (lentils) of this cafe always carries a very distinctive sweet and sour flavor which i rarely find in the butter laden daals of other restaurants. You can always enjoy it with any accompanying bread or rice. I end up eating up the daal on its own.

And on top of that the place is really easy on your wallets unlike other star hotel cafes.

Mustafio’s Pizza

My last visit to San Fransisco, introduced me to this gem.
Every weekend after hitting the clubs, and wandering off to my apartment, on the way was this beautiful little pizza place called Mustafio.

I tried it on the first weekend. A plain jane cheese slice — The crust, the sauce, the cheese everything just blew me away. Every time I tried a new one – Pepperoni, hawaiian and so on.. The quality of the ingredients was very superior and the cooking process ensured consistently full of flavor slice each time you had it.

Everything on the menu was not always available which made sure that what you are getting is absolutely fresh… simply awesome is the word…

Its been a month I am back .. But i still cant forget those flavors… it has spoiled me to the core

The All American Diner

You can never go wrong with a meal at this place. Plus the ambience is awesome

This time it was a classic hot dog
The bun soft and crispy.
Chicken frankfurter juicy with mustard and mayo
Side of fries cooked perfectly
And an amazing sweet shredded carrot mix with some gherkins.

Just plug in your earphones. Put on your fav music. And enjoy the food and lush green exterior while sitting outside.

Social HKV

I hate my habit of writing reviews at one go πŸ™‚ I am combining my two visits to Social HKV this time. Social is one of the very few places where they server finger licking food along with some real good booze options.

Visit one: Β The weather just got good so decided to head for the Chhat (rooftop).
As usual almost a packed house. Got ourselves a cozy corner cot. The food we ordered:
Basil and Thyme paneer – soft and creamy, carried a great smoky aroma
Joses Chicken Tikka – Juicy and succulent pieces of good quality chicken (though my standard question from the servers “Why Joses” never gives me a satisfactory answer πŸ™‚ and i dont find any distinct flavor from a regular malai tikka
Chicken Lollypop – My daughter ate it all except one which i fought for tasting. It was crisp and just the right amount of spices to make the mouth salivate
Stuffed Tandoori Potato – The potato outside was well cooked and the filling inside though tasted yum but I couldnt identify what it was πŸ˜€
Ballistic Bhajiyas – The name intrigued me. It was Green Chillies stuffed with cheese and rolled and fried in batter. Mirchi Pakoda with cheese. Tasted pretty much like the pakoda but with a twist. and yes it was spicy

On my other visit – a couple of days back – Delhi got cold and we decided to have rum and coke again on the Social’s rooftop. Food was amazing again
Mutton Biryani Burrito – well roasted mutton chunks, falvored rice wrapped in soft burritos with cheese.. full of flavors and reminded me of chandni chowk and mexico together in every bite
Joses chicken again
Croisaant Parantha – Flaky little sweet bread
Egg parnatha – Good old stuff . Went down well with lots of white butter and rum and coke.

And to top it all I am a great fan of there Imli chutney they server with the food..
Try it guys — Delhi gives very little time to its residents to enjoy the rooftops .. Do it right with Social … Enjoy !!!

PS . I just have one thing to say – At times they dont allow me to enter if I am alone – NO STAGS – they say πŸ™‚ I respect that but once in a while a person needs to have a drink alone … isnt it ? πŸ™‚