Imperfecto revisited !!!

After having a bad meal experience and on the recommendation of the restaurant staff about a new upcoming menu, we once again headed back to Imperfecto.

A thursday night with a live band on a cool Delhi night drew a larger crowd than I expected. The place looked great as usual with dim lighting and the music.

We had a spanking new menu in hand with a lot of interesting new dishes to try from. and here it goes ..

Roasted Pumpkin and Blue Cheese Risotto Salad – One spoonful of this packed-with-flavors salad and you are transported to a different world. Made with a little on the raw side of risotto, chunks of pumpkin, pineapple, cucumber, some kind of citrus fruit. The entire dish was tied together with a liquidy white sauce which i dint realise was there until we reached to the bottom of the salad. A must try …. !!!

Special Veg Seekh Kebabs – It was a from a winter only umbrella menu and was recommended by the friendly server. It had a smoky flavor and was dazzled with pomegranate seeds which served a sweet contrast to the otherwise spicy kebabs.

A chicken malai tikka lasagna with field herbs – It sounded like a great fusion though I had no idea what filed herbs are 🙂 The dish arrived and looked very inviting. Well conceived and nicely prepared, it had topping of cheese, lasgna sheet cooked to perfection and multiple layers filled with chicken, melted cheese/white sauce( i couldnt figure that out), veggies and a slightly burnt bottom. Each spoonful had several textures coming from the variety of good quality ingredients present in the dish. A happy and soul satisfying experience.

Italian Minestrone Soup – I just took a spoonful of it to taste. It was sweetishly sour with lots of veggies to dig for in the soup.

Manchego Cheese Croquetas – Manchego is a cheese made in the La Mancha region of Spain from the milk of sheep of the manchega breed. Whether the cheese was Manchego or Not, but it was definitely the highlight of the night. The deep fried dumplings with literally not even a drop of oil with perfectly molten cheesy centre with an amazing onion dip (which was warm) . Thats my definition of comfort food. I can keep going back just for this one dish (and my friends do agree with that)

Great going Imperfecto !!!

A really great looking new menu served with a lot of enthusiasm and happiness with great quality cooking. The operations manager Karan was jumping around with great energy, personally making sure that each and every guest was enjoying the night. I would surely be going back to try out the rest of the stuff. You can only eat as much in one night 😉

Ooh Lala !

I am a big fan of everything they dole out. And i am sure a lot of other people are. The hugest line outside the stall at the recent palate fest confirms it. We had there mouth watering waffles which were very lovingly and generously topped with amazing quality of syrups and chocolate sauces of different kinds and consistencies (dark, milk, white) , and some berries and roasted nuts.

But somehow the waffles at the fest tasted very different from the ones i had the actual outlet. The waffle itself was a bit off and the frozen choco sauce on top of the ice cream tasted a bit plasticky instead of crunchy and wholesome.

Maybe the huge rush made them do some things in a quick rush and some cooking process went a little over or under. Still they were better off than many others.

Hope they made some more fans along the way of the awesomeness of their food. Loved them.

Dilli 32 – The Leela Ambience Convention…

Visited the much talked about palate fest 2015.
These gems which you are seeing in the picture were rolled out by DILLI 32 stall by Chef Mahender Bisht (i could interact with just one chef) and some other very talented chefs whom we hardly get to see or know.

We had palak ki asharfiyan and mutton galauti kebabs.

The mutton galauti kebabs were immensely soft and truly melt in the mouth with just the right mix of spices and outstanding cooking techniques. They say they have a secret spice mix for it. 🙂

The palak kebabs carried distinct flavors of nuts and beetel leaf with explode in the mouth kind of feeling with the khoya (thickened milk) sweetening it a bit. Cooked to perfection. I never had such palak kebabs earlier. I could taste all the hard work and preps going into it.

The kebabs themselves were great enough to be had on its own though Both were served with ulta tawa parnathas which were lightly flavored by saffron and the sweetness enhanced the spices and flavors of kebabs to a new level.

The fest had a lot of other stuff to offer so i couldnt taste the other things on the menu which i fully intend to at the restaurant some time soon.


Al kauser was the place where i had my first taste of meat somewhere in 1995 and then I never looked back. It has a special place in my heart.

Out of the entire menu, three things remain my fav
1. Kakori kebab wraps – the legend is that the nawaab of kakori got these created for the British rulers who found the other kebabs texture coarse and stiff. Kakori kebabs are made by mixing some khoya with very finely minced meat to give it that amazingly soft texture. As usual the wraps were amazing, kebabs perfectly flavoured and cooked to awesomeness. The various flavors you feel with every bite and that mint chutney transports you to heaven:)

2. Galouti kebabs with warqi paratha – Legend is that the galawati kebab was created for Nawab Wajid Ali Shah of Lucknow who lost his teeth. Galavati or melt in mouth kebabs dont need to be chewed at all. Enjoy these awesomely juicy smoky full of flavor kebabs with a lil sweet warqi parantha and you will get addicted to them like a drug. (The last kebab was a little burnt from overcooking though)

3. Daal makhni – Enjoy the above two with hot and piping daal or just gobble up spoonfuls of this exotic daal. It has a very distinct flavor which i still have to identify.

I prefer going there in winters as you have to sit outside because it doesnt offer you any sitting.

Oasis – Vivanta by Taj

A quick weekend getaway with friends is always a bliss. It brings us to this amazing resort nestled between rocks and trees of surajkund near delhi.

The restaurant has a nice ambience with natural rocks overlooking on one side and a beautifully kept garden with fountains on another.

We ordered a lot of food. For myself i got there keema pav. ( minced lamb with bread). First bite and amazing flavors flooded my mouth. The hero of the dish the keema was perfectly minced and cooked to perfection. And as the menu said loaded with spices. Both red and green ones which were staring at you proudly from the dish. Just a hint of lemon and it was very comforting and nourishing dish.

For the sake of taste i also tried the margarita pizza, al fungi pizza, and the tacos.

The pizzas dough was amazingly fresh, very soft from the centre and crispy on the outside. It had a very nice smoky flavor probably from the wood fired oven. The sauce in both pizzas was the same only difference being of basil and mushrooms. The quality and freshness of ingredients was top notch.

The tacos some how did not entice me much probably because of the taco shells. It lacked flavor even though it had a lot of stuff in it.

The charlie and the chocolate factory , that is brownie and vanilla ice cream, was brilliant. The ice cream was rich and creamy with good flavor of vanilla with some pistachio nuts. Brownie was crumby crusty warm and yummy. There is no other way to define it. 😉

The staff was a bit off and it seemed they were troubled with something and looked like they were not happy serving the guests. We do expect service with a smile at a Taj property. Isnt it ? 🙂


You only live once. True isnt it. But just not once everytime i visit this place, the consistency and quality of food really blows me away. This was my fourth visit this year.

Ordered my favorite tomato and basil soup which was as usualy full of flavor of both tomato and basil with a rich consistency of the broth. And i love to dunk the piece of bread they give with it which soaks up the soup and gives a very satisfying feeling.

Also tried there 4 cheese pizza. It had mozzarella, gouda, feta and cheddar. Very yummily cheesy with all the four melting perfectly though the red chilly flakes flavour was a little overpowering for me. Again cooked to perfection with a perfectly crisp base.

I couldn’t try one of the cakes and bakes. They were looking different from last time. The owner confirmed that they were different because they are now making them inhouse. I ll try it next time.

Bang on food with great value for money. Must try.

Lotus Leaf

I have been to this place quite a few times now.. great ambience.. and good food but only if you stick to the regular stuff.. Daal .. paneer.. regular breads and cocktails…

Last nights visit with my family taught me that experimenting at such restaurants is of no good… we ordered some soup.. a non veg platter .. some corn kebabs for starters.. and regular black daal.. kachchey keley (raw banana) ke koftey.. and some breads.. and ya A whisky sour (for the new comers – its a cocktail)…

the experiments were (as this place ) corn kebabs.. kachchey kele ke koftey and the whisky sour… I have had these things earlier but they packed no punch at the lotus leaf as if the chef said… why do people order this things .. i dont wanna make them 🙂

The corn kebabs were raw and full of oil.. no flavor….
The kachchey kele ke koftey (marked as chef’s special ) were burnt on the outside and way too hard on the inside… the gravy or curry on this dish tasted like gravy on any other regular dish.
and Not to forget the whiskey sour… it was not sour (rather sweet :)) and i just couldn’t find any whiskey in there 🙂

So remember just stick to the regular golden path when visiting this restaurant — they serve great daal, great paneer, great chicken kebabs, but ya just stick to that… enjoy 🙂