Cafe Delhi Heights

Cafe Delhi Heights, a place where a meal can never go wrong. We were a group of 6 and thus a lot of food was ordered though I ll stick to just what I had.

A Juicy Lucy Lamb Burger – The Juicy Lucy for the ones who have heard it for the first time came up some where around 1950s when some one decided to put the cheese inside the burger rather than on top. The cheese is stuffed inside the patty resulting in a gooey oozy warm cheese bite after bite.
It was my first tryst with a Juicy Lucy in India. The burger was really mouth watering with a great sesame bun, very soft and fresh veggies with a lamb patty which was really very well cooked with subtle falvor of Jalapenos. It was a great burger and by this time you must be wondering why havent I talked about the cheese yet. This part was a little disappointing, as I cut the burger the cheese actually just spilled out like plain water and dint have that same flavor or texture or consistency I would expect from a Juicy Lucy. (Some room for improvement here)

By the time I was finished with that , Chennai Gilli Biryani (lamb) arrived on our table and I just took a spoonful to see how it tasted and it just exploded in my mouth. The rice was perfectly cooked and was moist with some curry added to it and still it wasnt soggy. The spices were bang on, the aroma was amazing, thouogh it was a little on the spicier side and was served with a yogurt mix which balanced the spices. The lamb chunks were infused with flavors to the core and were cooked beautifully. One spoonful resulted in almost half of that dish me eating alone. A must must try if you can handle the spices. ( a 5 star for this)

Paired with a 2012 Chilean Merlot wine, the food flavors were enhanced amazingly.

I did leave a message for the Chef with our server that the food was really top notch. I hope they got the compliment πŸ™‚


Captain Grub

A friend of mine literally ate my ears off praising Captain Grubs… Being coaxed into ordering from it on a recent Chilly winter night, I was really concerned if the meal would be delivered to me in edible condition or not. I tried to ask the person taking orders to lemme know the location so that I can pick up the order instead of getting it delivered (i dint want a bad first experience) but he said that they cant tell me the location and can only deliver (OK thats one secretive restaurant chain πŸ™‚

Ordered a Stuffed Grilled Chicken with Garlic Rice and Crispy Butterfly Chicken Burger. Food arrived and it looked yummmmmm. As suspected it went cold but as per the fellow reviewers 30 seconds in microwave fixed that.. LOL

The burger — The bun soft , sweetish
The crispy chicken – perfectly cooked batter with mild spices and juicy chicken in the centre cooked well to the core
Healthy topping of Chipotle sauce
Little low on veggies with One Jalapeno, one Tomato Slice and non existent Gherkins
The fries went totally soggy which was a shame. I am sure they would have been great fresh off.

Over all sinking my teeth in that big beautiful burger was an amazing feeling and I would definetly try it again but in a warmer avataar fresh off the grill.

Second dish – the Stuffed Grilled Chicken :

A huge chicken breast, very good quality ingredient, with a centre of some kind of cheese mix ( i was expecting molten cheese but I guess they use cottage cheese in it) . Every bite was juicy and tender and the mayo mustard sauce packed one hell lot of flavor punch in it. It was covered in tiny little pieces of veggies and fresh herbs which added to the texture and flavor.

My daughter kept saying that it tasted like Maggi Noodles which left me wondering if they are using similar flavor enhancers instead of fresh ingredients.

The garlic rice was a dampner as far as the garlic is concerned. They were great as plain white rice with almost no flavor of garlic.

Overall – The food is very satisfying for any kind of hunger pangs. Must try though make sure you get them as warm as possible or wait for winters to get over πŸ™‚

Cake Palace

Cake palace , a eons old bakery near my office, has always been my quick fix for hunger pangs. They serve some very edible (not very flavorful though) snacks and bakes.

I recently got a Truffle cake from them which looked yummy. Though after tasting it I was a but disappointed. The earthy truffle flavor was missing from the icing. It smelled of truffle though. I guess they are just using some Truffle oil to put in a flavor but someone got generous with sugar as the icing was way too sweet and killed the flavor of truffle oil as well.

The sponge felt a bit stale and salty somehow. There was a stark contrast in the flavor of icing and the sponge and it didnt balance well.

Vintage 31-Bistro & Cafe

A post lunch coffee and dessert craving took me to this place. As I entered the place I was like … WOW .. It looked exactly like some cafe in a european countryside .. the place looks cool… ambience is great..

They have seating options indoors as well as on the terrace with nice little touches here and there. The terrace is beautifully set.

Ordered a regular cappuccino and something off the menu, gooey chocolate finger. Coffee probably used the same raosted beans as my office coffee machine and tasted quite similar ( i was expecting something more flavorful) and the gooey chocolate finger though looked beautiful was rather sticky and overheated which made it crunchy. I did try to ask the polite server how it was made but he said that it came from some other place and they just heated it so my guess, an overheated frozen dessert.

May be the decor and everything raised my expectations about the quality and originality of food as well but I would love to go back to enjoy that terrace sometime and sample some of the mains as well with lower expectations next time.


Cafe Parmesan

Hunting for a meeting place in Faridabad, I landed at this place and it got me totally confused- was it Big Chill ?

The decor, ambience, the way the food looked and was served was 99% big chill.

I just ordered a blueberry cheese cake slice which sure was yummy with bursting flavors of berries and cheese cream and the crumbly pastry at the bottom but it still tasted a bit different from what my palette is accustomed to. The place served good food, people looked happy, food looked yummy on the other tables, service was with a smile, prices decent and I just coudnt stop comparing it with Big Chill and I feel really guilty about it.

They should have something unique of themseleves which I intend to discover soon in my next visit.Β Good job guys !

Kinbuck 2

Walking out of a client’s office in CP, i was looking around to get some food as I skipped my lunch and I see this nice little rooftop right in front of me. Being a sucker for open space and rooftops, i simply walked into this place.

The stairways lead me Β to a place full of young enthusiastic college goers probably celebrating someones birthday and as the staff kept asking me where would i like to sit, I just kept walking upwards encountering more such groups and finally came onto the balcony ledge I saw from down below.

The place gives you a view of CP which is very different which you see from ground level. Having a great ambience both indoors and outdoors, and a friendly non obtrusive staff this place gives you a huge choice on its menu.

I ordered a Veg Lasagne and as it came I kept looking at it cuz it was looking so beautiful and pretty. The aroma was great. (The server forgot to warn me that the plate would be hot which everyone does whenever serving Lasagne πŸ™‚ I dint burn my fingers though.

As i started to dig into it, it was layers and layers of good cheese, white sauce, mix of veggies and lasagne sheets. It tasted good and wholesome but the Chef seemed to be a little very generous with black pepper.

Over all the place is great if you just wanna sit on the ledge with a beer, taking in the view of CP or have a blast with a gang of friends.

Do try it before you have to wait for another year to get the weather right !!!!

PS. Anyone any clue why they call it Kinbuck 2 ??