Bollywood Biistro

A newly opened restaurant on the ever growing and constantly evolving club road, this place has been themed upon the most sought after industry in India – Bollywood.

We went there on a friends invite for a party. Conveniently located on the Main North Avenue Club Road, the place offers a helpful Valet which is a plus because you wont find a place to park on your own.

A very dramatic and grand entrance (read fully filmy 🙂 was a stunner. Huge heavyset doors which makes you think “ I wanna see whats beyond this” and the moment you enter you see this elegantly and appealing decorated space with cozy corners, huge sofas, a lovely bar, intelligently lit which adds to the charm.

You ll find a good sitting place whether you are couple on a date, a group of friends, dining out with relatives or entertaining your clients.

The house DJ made us groove from the moment we entered and if you like Bollywood with Punjabi Tadka you can not miss this place.

The place was packed with party revelers and still the service was very prompt on both the bar and of the food.

I dint eat much because I already had a late lunch but I tried their Hara Bhara Kebab which were full of flavors, soft and delectable and the Chicken Seekh Kebabs which were juicy, succulent and beautifully flavored ( I must have has 8-10 of them even after being full) I sure will go back sometime to have a full blown meal.

The owner very softly mentioned that the service and food today might be a little off because of the huge crowd though it wasn’t the case, even after having a packed house everything was almost like clock work

The place is peppered with Bollywood posters and dialogues from all eras and maa kasam even if dharam paaji says “Basanti in kutton ke saamney mat nachna” even then you wont be able to stop dancing on those amazing Bollywood numbers peppered with a lot of Punjabi beats.

I saw guests from a 10 year old kid to a 60 year old cute couple enjoying themselves a lot. You don’t get to see that kind of energy and spectrum in one night very often.

So go out and try this new kid on the block !!!

Out Of The Box

The newly opened latest franchise of the popular out of the box in gurgaon is a delight on the eyes. Beautifully decorated and with ample parking space , this place is very easy to get to. A valet ensures that you comfortably walk in without getting your shoes all dusty.

The place is very vast and open and an awesome hangout with some booze and good music

I had their dahi ke kebabs which were amazingly soft and had a sweet spicy yogurt filling with a crusty exterior.

The chicken seekh were juicy and tender but a little salty for my pallete.

A very tightly packed chicken dimsums with perfectly glistening skin and tender flavor full mince chicken filling are a must try.

The other dish which i really liked was a vermicelli crusted batter pocket with chicken filling. They took in a bit of oil coz of some reason but still they were packed with good juicy flavorful chunks of chicken.

The highlight of the day was an amazing brownie and ice cream combo. Warm soft chocolaty crumbly. I am almost out of adjectives actually . One of the best i ve ever had.

The cocktails were though a little on he weaker side and the service was a bit tardy but i am sure they ll pick it up quickly.

The Villain Café

As I entered the Club Road of Punjabi Bagh area which is lined by some amazing restaurants and hangouts, I could see a huge billboard saying The Villain Cafe. Some friends invited me to this fresh on the block Villain 🙂

It was really nice of them to have a Valet available being a busy road and while entering I just kept asking myself why do call it Cafe Villain. The place is spread over two floors – 2nd and rooftop which gives it a great advantage (Who doesnt like rooftops). The lower floor had some really interesting interiors with a huge bar proudly displaying the names of top Villains of all times – Joker, Godfather, Magneto and Loki (I spent 15 mins just to capture all four names in a single shot)

I was greeted by the very friendly owner and I just couldnt stop asking him about the story behind the name. He said they wanted it to be different and catchy. I guess it serves the purpose.

We were served a KARARA ROOMALI PAPAD which was sprinkled with some really amazing spice mix. Just the right thing to get your mouth ready for what followed. A MOUNT VIEW NACHOS WITH CHEESE – This dish was bursting with grainy chewy stringy cheese which was in itself was yum and on top of it they served it with Salsa Fresh (Note:Not the bottled one) which tasted really punchy and full of flavor.

Another gem at this place was a JERK CHICKEN DRUMSTICK – A juicy chicken leg cooked perfectly and rubbed with some carribean spices (the meat was so tender that it was literally falling off)

I also tried a STUFFED CHICKEN BREAST with some really beautifully braised vegetables and mashed potatoes with amazing flavor of garlic on the side. The chicken was well cooked with all the flavors standing out in the dish.

To my astonishment, I really liked the PANEER TIKKAS served with the veg platter. Super soft and infused with flavor to the core, they are a must try. And the same goes for the SEEKH KEBABS.

I ended my meal with a spot-on BANOFEE PIE which the VILLAIN seem to have perfected. Each spoonful had delicious cream, crumbly pastry and flavors of caramel-toffee cream. It was really a DARTH VADER special.

I must give full points to their bartenders who mixed one great cocktail after another. A vodka based WALL BANGER, SEX ON THE BEACH and the ultimate thirst quencher LIIT.

The highlight of the evening was their awesome DJ BNY who belted out one foot-tapping number after another which left is wanting for more and more of his music.

And the cherry on the top is that they have a beautiful roof complete with a bar and a TV and music piped into it from the DJ below so that you don’t miss out on any action.

The prices are just right, the food is scrumptious, music is out of the world and some great drink. A MUST VISIT. Do try this place out before this lovely Delhi weather fades away and am sure the VILLAIN wont leave you disappointed.

Kebab Gali

Its really a delight to see that some of the restaurants are really taking the food quotient of Delhi to new heights. On a strong recommendation by a friend, we decided to visit this newly opened outlet just 10 mins away from my south extension office. Even though the outlet have the same age old menu, but each and every dish stood out brilliantly with the use of fresh spices and high quality ingredients and a little twist of technique.

Being a large group, a lot of food was ordered. I would have a loved to try everything but here goes what I could manage to stuff myself with 🙂

Dahi ke Kebab – I can easily declare that these are the best Dahi Kebabs in the town. A delicate crispy exterior with an amazingly sweet and savoury filling of Dahi having the right amount of heat from green chillies and ginger well balanced from the sweetness of the curd.

Next on the plate were Dohra Kebab – It was my first tryst with a dish with had a soft exterior of Chicken and a perfectly minced filling of Mutton. The kebabs were truly melt in the mouth, blending the two flavors distinctly enough with the assistance of some great fresh spices.

Another first for me was a Banarasi Tangri Kebab – A perfectly charcoal cooked (look at its pic), smoke infused, tender, juicy chicken leg with a filling of minced chicken inside it. You just cant stop at having just one of these beautiful piece of exemplary culinary skills.

Fried Fish – It was astonishing to see that how delicately the fish was cooked bringing out the perfect flavors in it with a crisp and perfectly spiced fried batter. it had a great flavor probably coming from Ajwain (But I wasnt sure and wanted to check up with the chef but he was understandably way too busy doling out the great food). Splash it with a squeeze of lemon and its a perfect cocktail accompaniment.

Chicken Biryani – Served in a earthen handi, the moment we removed the lid, the aroma filled the vicinity even with so much of food fragrance already there. It was gloriously fragrant with each grain of rice separate from each other standing out on its own. The chicken was cooked to perfection and was melting fabulously in the mouth.  A delight to eat with accompanying gravy and raita.

All of the above topped up with a scrumptious Daal Makhni which I actually ate without any breads being too full from the above beauties dancing in my stomach.

I couldnt stop myself from gorging upon a very basic looking but great tasting gulab jamuns served at the end.

This quaint little place serves all the right stops for a food lover. My personal favorites were Dahi Ke Kebab and Dohra Kebab… A must must try….

The best part was that all this food doesnt give you a heart burn as the spices are used in a very subtle manner to enhance the heroes of the dish.

A killer of a place and light on your pocket !!!

Al Bake

I have been eating Al Bake’s Shawarmas for a long time now. I went back to the NFC outlet after a couple of years and wanting to re try those flavors once again.

Some how they dint give me the same kick they used to give me earlier.
The meat was over cooked and stretchy fibrous. and all I could taste was chillies.
Thanks to Mayo, i could turn it down a bit. Instead of 3 rolls like earlier , I could finish off only one.

I dont know what was wrong, may be a one day thing, but it wasnt the same stuff as earlier.

Cafe Coffee Day The Square

A skipped lunch and in need of a quick bite to fill up that bottomless pit of mine called stomach, i took a spinach corn grilled sandwich at this outlet.

It was very edible but somehow the bread was very stretchy and chewy and the filling inside lacked any kind of flavor. Even the corn bits dint have that juicy sweet feeling for which i actually took a vegetarian sandwich leaving my all time favorite smoked chicken aside.

Usually it doesnt happen at CCD, may be it was a bad supply or something else which went wrong with that sandwich.

The Hudson Cafe

This area gave us some great places, they attained a level of flavors, hospitality and some mind blowing food.

And then some of them decided to take that level a notch above. Hudson Café is one such example.

I visited this place for the first time for a Brunch meet and I am always very excited at the thought of brunches somehow. ☺

A bright, cozy place welcomes you with some eccentric knick knacks, the place comes across to you almost like a friend inviting you in. The clientele around aka the college goers must be in love with this place, cuz it was packed with them.

The staff seated us quickly and then the waves of food started splashing us one after another.

I tried a Malt and an Brownie Shake and a Kiwi Cooler.

The shakes were thick, chocolaty, cream sips of heaven and the kiwi cooler was very refreshing with real kiwi in it, with the heat now turning on, was also very soothing to the eyes with its lovely green tinge.

My personal favorite – The Malt Shake ( A Must try)

A lot of food came in starting with CHEESE CIGARS – Deep fried rolls of cheesy filling mixed with some finely chopped veggies. The cheese was a little bland for my taste but with a great chilly dip, this made a fine finger food.

DRUMS OF HEAVEN, a very crisp, crunchy exterior and soft chicken with an amazingly flavored gravy topping of spring onions, tomatoes, bell peppers and some herbs and fresh spices. (I ordered it twice ☺

A bowl of LOADED NACHOS, freshly crispy nachos, topped with some mayo, fresh salsa and herbs though it was a bit dry as we dug in but then a restaurant always have to choose between letting the nachos go soggy if they fill up underneath or leave them as is to make sure they are crispy.

A very delightful, flavor ful, dish was LEMON CHICKEN, juicy, well marinated, chunks of chicken tossed with lemon sauce and fresh onions , topped with spring onions is a must try.

For the first time, I tried a WHEAT DIMSUM, a densely packed dimsum with very delectable filling of chicken. What I loved was the dip served with it which was again a first for me, it had very distinguishing flavors of garlic and ginger which both are very strong ingredients. They were balanced perfectly in that dip.

And just as I though that it cant get better than that I was served with a PAO BHAJI, loaded with butter, fresh sweet bread, took me back to the street in my mind which usually a restaurant street food doesn’t do for you. It was delicious.

The HIGHLIGHT of my entire meal and the one which they should make there signature dish was HUDSON MEDLEY. Rich, thick, spicy tomato, bell peppers gravy having freshest of the zuchhinis, mushrooms, broccolis served with some really long grained fragrant rice. In one word Soul Satisfying Food.

For the people with the sweet tooth, do try their desserts – WAFFLE SUNDAE with amazing sauces, roasted nuts and rich creamy scoops of desserts (Just ask them to leave the strawberry scoop out of it.)

BROWNIE SUNDAE – Warm, soft, crumbly brownie with an earthy aroma with ice cream. You can never go wrong with that.

And a BANOFEE PIE – What should I say, the thing got disappeared in 15 seconds flat. Watch the video on my FB account. (Dear Zomato, please allow some links or little videos to be uploaded)

Very reasonably priced , great food, warm ambience, great hospitality and a very sweet owner (I jokingly told him that I miss eggs this being a brunch, he very warmly offered us to get some made which was a very genuine gesture)

So go ahead boys and girls, hang out with friends at this place and have some great time !!!!