Warehouse Cafe, CP – Special Menu

After 3 years, I returned to warehouse, a veteran now in CP and I was pleased to see that they have only grown stronger and better with an addition of two beautiful roof top spaces to an already existing lounge.

Meeting some friends over lunch, we decided to try out the special menu on offer by Ankur Agarwal.

A very interesting sounding cocktail, DHOKHEBAAZ ANAARKALI, a very well balanced vodka cocktail with some soda and pomegranate juice and some pomegranate seeds was just the right thing for the onsetting summer.

For starters we ordered a TEX MEX MURUKKU PIZZA, crispy chakli topped with flavored rajma (kidney beans) and some cheese with a base of warm tomato, onion mix, these bite sized things accompanied our drink perfectly.

For mains, I tried a BUTTER CHICKEN RISOTTO, perfectly cooked risotto rice with butter chicken gravy and chicken with a stuffing of cheese and mushroom topped with a baked parmesan shaving, this dish was a cracker and a perfect fusion of Indian and western cuisine.

And at the end we ordered dessert, LAYERS OF HEAVEN, a huge piece of cake, with layers of chocolate fudge, soufflé, icecream with a base of crumble and a hint of peanut butter with crushed roasted peanuts, first bite and the words which came out of my mouth were OH MY GOD !!! When you dig your spoon in that cake you can actually feel each layer cutting through it and the moment you eat it, the chilled, chocolaty flavor of all those awesome ingredients start melting in your mouth and all you can do is close your eyes and enjoy that feeling.

Well curated dishes and kudos to the chef & staff for perfectly executing them. It’s a shame, that menu was exclusively for one day, but I sure wish the restaurant makes those dishes a permanent feature till then you can contact Ankur if he can make some for you ☺ I have tagged him in this review.

PS. Do visit warehouse for its awesome rooftop. Its beautiful out there.

Rang De Basanti Urban Dhaba, HKV, Delhi

Recently I visited the much talked about RDB, which I must say is a gem sitting amongst the huge cache of eateries of HKV. Its a bit hard to spot but its almost in the beginning of the market. Just ask around and you ll be directed to this bright, chirpy place with quite interesting wall decals and quirky stuff hanging around. They serve some really awesome dishes at this place.

We were welcomed with a lot of warmth and smiles and attended to swiftly.

Let me begin with the highlight of the meal, NAANCHO WITH MUTTON KEEMA, hot, crispy naans with a succulent piece of tender lamb bursting with flavors served with well grounded, perfectly spiced keema. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Try that with the variety of chutneys and pickles they serve and you ll be in food heaven.

and then to my sheer surprise, a huge 15 inches roll of meat came in front of me, called the SAVA FUTIYA SEEKH. Geniously prepared, juciy, moist, melt in your mouth mutton kebab will please both your palette and imagination 🙂

After having 2-3 portions of the above two dishes, we were just not in a position to have anything else but I would definitely be coming back for some more food to this beautiful place some time very soon.


TASHAN – dine in style

Just when you start giving up on the gimmicry around the food by several high end fine dines, some one comes up with a place which again makes you believe in existence of good food. I noticed this new place, TASHAN, coming up just on the exit of restaurant heaven, GK2 M Block Market, and I recently got a chance to dine here.

The moment you ll enter you ll feel you have entered a different zone – beautifully decorated, subtle lighting, great aroma, a nice bar and above all a very welcoming waiting staff. All the tables had beautiful symmetrical wine glasses and other tableware which caught my eye at the first.

And very quickly we ordered our food – some on our own and some on the recommendation of the very well trained staff. While waiting for it, I got for myself an EGG WHITE WHISKEY SOUR ( I know I know it’s a standard fixture now in all of my write ups ) perfectly balanced, tasted delicious and I was eagerly waiting for the food.

The first thing we got was a TASHANI MUTTON TACO it was basically rice pancakes with a side of mutton keema and some really beautiful sauces – salsa, sour cream, cheese fondue. Pick up the thin, fresh, warm, rice pancakes fill it up with a spicy, grainy mutton keema, roll it up and dunk it in the sauce of your choice and you ll be blown away with the balance of flavors and different textures of this simple yet complex dish.

Next I saw was a mountain covered with yogurt, green chutney, pomegranate seeds, imly chutney, and boiled channa. It was BAINGAN (Brinjal/Eggplant) KI CHAAT. Finely cut pieces of brinjal, superbly cooked, lightly flavored, amazingly crisp and with all those beautiful things around it, this dish is a MUST TRY.

And if you are a sea food lover you have to try out the WASABI PRAWNS, chunky, juicy, full of meat prawns, perfectly cooked and soaked in heavenly flavor of wasabi. Great quality prawns and if you want the extra kick dunk it in some more wasabi.

Another must try was a PULLED PORK PITA POCKET, gravied, spicy, pulled pork sitting in a pita pocket. DELICIOUS.

For the mains, I ordered a SOUS VIDE NALLI, basically mutton cooked through a slow cooking process for perfect cooking both inside and out, so it was superbly cooked, well presented, deliciously flavored and as you ll dig in that rich gravy you ll find a base of yummy mashed potatoes which added to the texture of the dish.

Crispy breads with some KADHAI PANEER or as they call it PANEER HUNGAMA were a little sidelined by me amongst all the above dishes but a couple of bites of them and I could tell that they were as good as the rest of the food.

And now came the moment I was waiting for, yes desserts, and I was trying something new, BHUNI ROTI KA HALWA, it had a great earthy, roasted fragrance, one spoon of it and you ll get that rich, moist texture, perfectly sweetened, melt in the mouth feeling which will simply make you keep eating more and more of it. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Every dish was beautifully plated and was served with a smile with all your wishes and commands getting fulfilled in an instant which ll make you feel like a king and kudos to the chef for all the effort which went into that great food.

Visit this place for a great lunch with colleagues, a night out with your family, few drinks with your friends or may be just to satiate your sweet tooth and you will not be disappointed at all. As I always say – FAD FADES AWAY, GOOD FOOD STAYS !!!

TaMaSha – and its showtime :)

Long pending on my list of must visits, I finally managed to visit Tamasha. A beautiful huge property right on the corner of KG Marg, CP, this place boasts of a life size replica of Optimus Prime Truck and a lot cutting edge stuff (automatic beer dispenser counters – No shouting at the bar for getting the tenders attention) . A huge open air area lounge is what greets you first and then a beautifully set seating area with some more space on an upper floor and private party areas, this place has all kind of settings depending upon your mood.

They were serving a Special Menu by Divya Arya that day and being experimental with food I went for that.

I started off by ordering an awesome sounding Kala Khatta Mojito Chuski which tasted just like the chuski with oodles of alcohol poured onto it. Great flavors. It went perfectly with the starter of a Chinese Cous Cous Bhel – tangy, fresh, crunchy – I couldn’t stop myself from gobbling up one spoon after another of this mindblowing dish.

Which followed by a Soya Chaap Dimsum – hot, melting dimsums filled with delicious granules of soya and some really great veggies served with a chilly dip and it literally was a “NO ONE CAN EAT JUST ONE” kinda dish 🙂

And the main of a warm, cute looking jar of blushing beetroot risotto with paneer steaks and spicy pommodore sauce ( a thick spicy sweet tomato gravy)

The perfect end to the meal was a moong daal cigar with some rabri which was served with a papaya caramel. Sweet, sweeter, sweetest and loved it to the moon and back. I so wish they make it a permanent offering in their menu and others can enjoy this heavenly dessert too.

A must visit place for every occasion, you ll find a lot of corporate and party regulars hanging out this cool new joint in the town. Do try it out next time you decide to have some fun…

The Big Fat Sandwich at GrubFest 2016

At the recent GrubFest, I came across the stall of Big Fat Sandwich. The entire menu was super enticing and I went for the El Toro – An open burger with hummus, rocket leaves and grilled sausages.

The bun was soft, the sausages – subtly flavored, perfectly cooked and freshly made hummus at the bottom topped with some crunchy leaves. Every bite of that thing was super satisfying and am definitely going back for some more very soon.


HotMess – Aphrodisiac Orgasmic Food

In one of my earlier reviews, I wrote that how CP is again getting all the attention back which it deserved and a lot of new hangout places are coming up. The latest addition to this list is HotMess.

Conveniently located in the middle circle, you will not miss the huge glow signs of HotMess and some how the way it has been planned and the way you enter the place gives you a very classy feel. A small little porch in the front from where you directly enter the place after just stepping out of your car, no stairs, not awkward walking. It is a welcome break from all the other restaurants where you have to park somewhere and then walk down all the way especially if you and your spouse/friend/special friend is all dressed up. ( I loved it for that)

Once you enter, you ll be blown away with the vastness of the place and how beautifully its has been decorated. The art wall next to DJ console, the paintings, the furniture, and the huge bar all are very tastefully and beautifully done up.

I got a whiskey sour for myself and asked for a signature vodka drink and it was really interesting to see that the bartender asked another one to make the signature drink. He told me sir she is the one who handles signature drinks and I was really impressed by the professionalism of this place. They gave me a Lemongrass and Vodka cocktail which was perfectly balanced and delicious. (and I am sure you are gonna love the bar theatrics as well. The visit is worth it just for experiencing those little neat tricks of the bartenders)

Even the food was very interesting and innovative. Had a CHUR CHUR PIZZA- crunchy, flaky base topped with good melting cheese and chunks of chicken. I have has all sorts of pizza bases but this one was a first for me. The BOURBON SMOKED HONEY CHICKEN – perfectly cooked, honey infused, tender chicken with a smoky flavor was a delight. The only thing I felt missing was the bourbon flavor somehow. Their CHICKEN CURRY BAO was also quite flavor ful with real chicken curry filled inside a soft, steaming bao. I also tried the AALOO METHI LOLLYPOS, they were great but a little too spicy for my palette.

There are a lot of food options – both International and Regional – on their menu. I really liked that keeping in mind the cosmopolitan nature of CP and with a lot of international travellers in that area, they have designed the portions and serving styles in both Sharing and Pre Plated manner. (its great for solo diners as well)

And yes the DJ is great too. Belted out one great number after another.

So guys and gals do try out the messy hotness of HotMess and I am sure you are really going to enjoy it.



Zu Tisch – Germany in Delhi

I was pretty eager to reach Zu Tisch, a European restaurant located in GK1 Market, as I was told that they serve amazing Pork Ribs. Located on the first and second floor, this place has some really interesting things (A petrol pump handle and a tyre wash basin in the restroom) which will make you explore this place more.

BTW Zu Tisch means “To the table” and as usual I asked why did they decide to go for a German / European cuisine instead of the regular Italian, French and stuff and the answer was that its a very manly cuisine with pork and beers and all 🙂

The weather was nice and we were seated on the rooftop and I ordered a Berlin Beer Margarita which was a Margarita in a large fish bowl with a beer back, inverted into the bowl, so as you drink the beer slowly infuses itself into the cocktail .. headyyyyy !!!!!

Another cocktail I tried was a LIIT (Long Island Iced Tea) served in a huge tumbler, it looked really interesting and tasted even better.. perfectly balanced.. full points man …

Between the two drinks, we ordered some food too but I wrote them together so that no one misses out on that great LIIT getting lost in the food. 🙂

We got for ourselves some PORK RIBS and I must tell you the rib were like oh man .. oh man… I have never had such melt-in-you-mouth ribs ever earlier. The texture was smooth, perfect flavoring, topped with a tangy sauce.. the ribs are a must try.

And so were the PORK SAUSAGES, beautifully spiced, juicy and with every bite those flavors will just fill up your mouth with amazing feelings.

A first for me were LASAGNA ROLLS, never had them served that way, but they tasted great, filled up with perfectly cooked chicken and topped with some creamy meat sauce, these rolls are way more filling than what they looked like. Looks can be deceiving

It was a really satisfying meal, hits just the right spot, the service was very warm and with a smile and as were exiting the place, to our surprise, on the first floor a group of singers were performing and were belting out some really great numbers. It was a performance by LSR’s music society (waise mujhey English gaaney samajh nahin aatey ) So all in all, if you are looking for a break from the regular, age old cuisines, you must check out this place.