Warehouse Cafe, CP – Special Menu

After 3 years, I returned to warehouse, a veteran now in CP and I was pleased to see that they have only grown stronger and better with an addition of two beautiful roof top spaces to an already existing lounge.

Meeting some friends over lunch, we decided to try out the special menu on offer by Ankur Agarwal.

A very interesting sounding cocktail, DHOKHEBAAZ ANAARKALI, a very well balanced vodka cocktail with some soda and pomegranate juice and some pomegranate seeds was just the right thing for the onsetting summer.

For starters we ordered a TEX MEX MURUKKU PIZZA, crispy chakli topped with flavored rajma (kidney beans) and some cheese with a base of warm tomato, onion mix, these bite sized things accompanied our drink perfectly.

For mains, I tried a BUTTER CHICKEN RISOTTO, perfectly cooked risotto rice with butter chicken gravy and chicken with a stuffing of cheese and mushroom topped with a baked parmesan shaving, this dish was a cracker and a perfect fusion of Indian and western cuisine.

And at the end we ordered dessert, LAYERS OF HEAVEN, a huge piece of cake, with layers of chocolate fudge, soufflé, icecream with a base of crumble and a hint of peanut butter with crushed roasted peanuts, first bite and the words which came out of my mouth were OH MY GOD !!! When you dig your spoon in that cake you can actually feel each layer cutting through it and the moment you eat it, the chilled, chocolaty flavor of all those awesome ingredients start melting in your mouth and all you can do is close your eyes and enjoy that feeling.

Well curated dishes and kudos to the chef & staff for perfectly executing them. It’s a shame, that menu was exclusively for one day, but I sure wish the restaurant makes those dishes a permanent feature till then you can contact Ankur if he can make some for you ☺ I have tagged him in this review.

PS. Do visit warehouse for its awesome rooftop. Its beautiful out there.

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