Peninsular – Bring the coast to Delhi

Statement 1 : I love it when someone knows what they are serving you, they tell you what they are serving you and you get exactly what they promised to give to you.

Statement 2 : I love to experiment with coastal / South Indian food (of course apart from dosas and idlys and vadas)

If the above two statements are true for you too then Peninsular Kitchen is exactly the place for you.

Located in Ambience mall, this place picks up its décor and design inspirations from all along the coast of India which matches with the cuisine.

On the recommendation of the very well trained and helpful staff, I ordered my drink first as it was scorching outside. In fact we ordered two – Ambitini and Khattalicious – two very summerish drink made of raw mango & vodka and tamarind & rum respectively. Beautifully balanced though the Ambitini was a little on the sweeter side for my pallete.

And then some starters –

Madur Vada – warm vadas with a strong flavor of peanuts and herbs tasted great with some chutneys (though make sure you have them while they are warm else they ll harden up)

Hyderabadi Khatti Machhli – Soft, juicy pieces of tangy fish. Perfectly flavored with some curd, herbs & tamarind. A MUST TRY

And Ghonghura Chicken Fry – loved it for its heat & flavors coming from ghonghura herb and spices which were perfectly infused in those heavenly chunks of chicken .

Almost full with those delicious starters, I just gorged upon a lovely Mutton Stew cooked delicately in coconut milk & perfectly flavored with some flaky, crispy, crumbly Malabar Paratha and I was in food heaven.

Do try this out and you wont have to travel the entire coastal region as you ll get every piece of it under this one roof, at least the food 🙂


Lord of the Drinks, CP, Delhi

I love it when restaurants experiment with something new and recently I was lucky enough to witness and taste a One-day special menu created and curated by Rahul Batra for LOTD.

This property is a huge one with lots of seating options, cozy corners and an amazing rooftop which is now pretty much a standard in CP.

Coming to the food, I tried the MUTTON ASHARFI PARATHA and CHICKEN TIKKA LASAGNA from the special menu.

Two parathas topped with spicy, well ground, perfectly cooked keema were really delicious with the gravy moistening the breads making it even more delicious.

and the lasgna was a perfect fusion of east and west with a great balance of the indian flavor of the tikka and the smoothness of lasagna coming together.

Kudos to the team who executed these concepts with great perfection.

BeerYani, GK2, Delhi

A couple of years back when I first landed up in their SDA outlet, I was highly impressed by the name, quality of food and the ambience. At that time I was not very much into writing about my experiences, though recently I had a chance to visit the GK outlet. It was a Game Night – Cricket – India Vs WI so obviously the place was packed, but the well trained staff was swift enough to locate some place for us near the bar.

The place is beautifully decorated with multi colored bottles and knick knacks and is spread over two floors ( They even have an open kitchen which you can look at from outside). Amongst all the cheering and expletives 🙂 we ordered some Draught beer and a MUTTON BIRYANI and some munchies.

The beer was ofcourse, super chilled and refreshing but it was the biryani which made me fall me in love with it – fragrant, long grains of aromatic rice with beautifully cooked, meaty, juicy chunks of mutton – both having the perfect flavor of each other with some of there secret ingredients made it stand out.

Even though India lost that day but the Biryani won hands down over several others I have had.

They have a very interesting menu which I fully intend to try some other day but as the name suggests , if BEER and BIRYANI are your two loves, then this place is definitely for you .

Monkey Bar, Vasant Kunj

I visited this hidden gem in the quiet lanes of Vasant Kunj on a Batman night with a few friends. Beautifully located, with a nice walk up to the entrance and for sure one of the most differently designed bars in the town with a huge glass pyramid and large seating spaces. Even after being jam packed the friendly staff was able to find us some space.

We ordered a CHICKEN CHAPLI KEBAB, thin, succulent, juicy kebabs with a side of paratha and sauces were super delicious.

and the BUTTERFLY CHICKEN perfectly cooked, well balanced with Honey an Chilly, crispy from outside and moist from inside were a great finger food.

The bartender mixed some really great drinks as my friends told me though I stuck to beer.

I have been to this place twice after that and it did not disappoint me anytime and I fully intend to visit them some time soon.

Garam Dharam, Rajouri Garden, Delhi

This place is solely dedicated to Dharam paaji and the everything of his era. Beautifully decorated with yesteryears movies and actors wall decals, you ll really appreciate this place if you have grown up in 70’s and 80’s. The place was packed with diners but the staff got us some place quickly. (they have a valet which is always a relief)

On the recommendation of the staff we ordered a BAALTI MEAT and DAAL MAKHNI with some breads. The meat was tender and nice though both the Daal and the meat gravy could have been better with some more flavours & spices infused into them.

The meethi lassi tasted refreshing with the summer heat coming up.

PS. A must visit place if you are fan of retro era

Qubitos – The terrace cafe

I met some friends on a week night at Qubitos. I was amazed to see that even on a week night the place was packed. They have a a huge bar and an indoor seating as well as an outdoor seating with a cozy private party place on the rooftop.

The well trained staff helped us with our order and I tried a FISH TACO and THAI CURRY with rice. The taco was crisp, crunchy, full of fresh veggies and some really nicely made fish served with sour cream. The Thai curry was really flavorful with a little extra coconut milk than I usually like but still it tasted great with some steamed rice.

The LIITs and Sangrias were really well made and the best part is that the bartenders would be happy to customise them according to your taste. You can give it a try even in the summers with all the mist fans around.

A friendly staff, a great view from the top and a really great DJ will keep bringing you back to this beautiful place.

Koyla Kebab @ The GrubFest 2016

At the recent grubfest, I came across Koyla Kebabs stall. On the recommendation of the staff, I tried a Veg Kakori Kebab, and I must tell you it had the same silky smooth texture which an original kkakori has.

Full of flavors, perfectly spiced and that aroma of smoke and charcoal makes this dish a perfect finger food. I couldnt try the other things as there were a lot of other things to stuff myself with but I am going back soon to there outlet to have  taste of the other delicacies.