Prankster, The F&B Campus, Gurgaon

After a long time I came across a beautiful concept restaurant which has given immense attention to its ambience. Apart from the decor it served impeccable and delicious dishes which remained true to its flavors. All this was topped with a heart warming hospitality and some really fun elements incorporated in every aspect of the restaurant and call themselves PRANKSTER the F&B Campus.

Located in the always buzzing and ever growing Sector 29 market of Gurgaon, the place is spread over more than 10,000 sq feet.. yes its huge.. may be even more behind the walls…. And is divided into different sections resembling a campus – Library, Chemistry Lab, Classroom, hostel rooms and what not. The entire concept it based upon the premise of bringing back your old memories and nostalgia ( I almost got one while sitting on the stairs which felt like my college basket ball court and ties with hidden booze compartment .. lol.. I wish I had one in my college days).

Now lets talk about the Food. Every dish tried to retain a flavor from the past and present itself with a modern take on it. And it was done impeccably.

The delicious Fattir Pizzas with flaky rims were spot on. The melting cheese and the delicious chunks of meat were to die for.

Bombay tawa pulao croquettes were a really interesting dish but I got highly impressed with Pav Bhaji Burgers. The bhaji was compressed into a patty and served with a delicious masala.

I was told that potatoes used in there honey chilly potato were organically grown and thus giving it a very smooth texture and rich flavors.

As usual, I asked the bartender to give me the signature drinks and he belted out a very nice Prankster Punch , a well balance vodka based cocktail.

A great place to explore something new, connect with some old memories, be with some friends or hangout with your family. This place has something or other for everyone and for every occasion.

Drama, Rajouri Garden, Delhi

After so many years of being a regular at the ever growing West Delhi food scene, you really don’t expect something to really stand out … so what do you …. You stand on your head .. .:)

The latest addition is DRAMA the upside down bar and restaurant. The place with send you in a tizzy with the every element of its décor being done, as the name suggests, upside down manner. The inverted lamps, the hanging books, or the huge replica of a Formula 1 race car. (They even have a couple of arcade games in a corner which just might bring back your childhood )

The place is huge, spread over two floors and a beautiful rooftop. The smoothness of the service staff and the execution of the place tells you that the people behind it have put in a lot of thought to all the aspects.

I asked the bartender to give me one of his signature drink and he whipped up a Imly syrup infused Vodka cocktail Chatpati Chameli. A well balance, interesting drink.

We ordered a CHIN CHIN Chicken, a chilly chicken dish with a lot of chillies on the side and a PINJRA MURG, a beautifully presented, juicy, well cooked, tandoori chicken. I was expecting an overdose of spices being in West Delhi, though to my surprise it was very subtly marinated bringing out the real flavors of a high quality chicken.

An interesting dish called WHATSAPP KEBAB, a spinach roll filled with smooth, molten cheese was a very satiating dish. DO TRY it if you are a cheese lover.

It was nice to see that some one is giving as much attention to its food as they give to the ambience of a restaurant. My hunch is that everyone whose gonna visit them, gonna end up loving the uniqueness DRAMA offers.

Chai Shots, Jasola, Delhi

A very quaint little Shop which serves very flavorful and delicious quick bites with hot beverages. It sits inside the Dlf tower A in Jasola district Centre.

Tried the simple earthly bun maska, a peri peri Maggi and spicy chholey with buttery kulchas. Everything is super fresh. The staff is very helpful and makes the dishes very passionately.

It’s super light on pocket and a great solution for that evening hunger pang.

The Yard, Green Park, Delhi

Independence day eve and we landed at The yard. Conveniently located in green Park with a valet service, I ll recommend you to take the stairs. It ll remind you of a hill station cottage.

Our huge gang ordered a lot of stuff though the mutton keema pav became by favourite with a perfectly spiced, lightly gravied keema settled between a piece of fresh paav.

Really liked the ginger chicken. Soft juicy and full of flavors. The food was good. Service was swift. Over all a good experience

Bunta Bar, Cannaught Place, Delhi

A group of friends recently planned a get together at the newly opened bunta bar in CP. It’s located on Jan path and the parking is easily available unlike the other restaurants in cp.

Bunta and nimbu lemon really rings a bell for our generation whose staple beverage was this drink when we were growing up and being true to that a lot of interesting cocktails were served in the same bunta bottles. Kala khatta and aam Panna mixed with some heady booze were my favorite.

In starters, I loved the delicate balance of spice and sweetness of jaggery chicken wings and the beetroot balls. Amazing flavors.

The mutton curry took my heart away in the mains. The flavors were hearty, tangy and bang on. The mutton was juicy and perfectly cooked. It came with a Tawa paratha, the kind your mom would have cooked for you. Do try it with there delectable daal makhni. Lovely.

Ended my meal with a very rich parsi kulfi topped with pomegranate seeds. A beautiful looking and great tasting dish.

The place is nicely decorated and very open. A good place for a formal together or a weekend getaway. A must try.

Biryani & Co., Delhi

A couple of weeks back I was headed to a Saturday afternoon meeting. As usual being a foodie I was asked to pick up some food and I came across biryani Co right on the ring road. Very conveniently located with a few tables for dine in

I was delighted to see that the flavors were based on Andhra delicacies and as I have spent a lot of of time In Hyderabad it brought back a lot of memories

I picked up a chicken 65 to satiate my meat cravings. It was a little gravied unlike the original recipe and I guess they toned down the spice factor to suit the cosmopolitan taste buds but it packed a lot of punch and flavor.

The veg biryani was neatly packed and the veggies were fresh and the rice fragrant though It could have used some more of those beautifullly flavored ingredients. The accompanying Raita was amazing and the Mirchi Saalan was tangy and spicy.

The highlight of the meal was double ka meetha. The feeling is Un explainable. The soft melt in the mouth bread dessert was heaven on earth.

The qubani ka meetha, an apricot dessert, were like tiny bombs which will explode in your mouth with the packed flavors they have.

A must try place for all biryani lovers. Very close to South campus and dhaula Kuan. You can’t miss it.


Haveli Dharampura, Old Delhi

After being out of action of for quite some time coz of a broken arm, it feels really good to get back to writing and you ll find this line in some of the following reviews as well.

I have been visiting the lanes of old Delhi for ages now for my love of food. Several times I have braved really harsh conditions to get to the object (food) of desire – jampacked roads, every form and species of living being since evolution and what not. But still it always keep calling back.

Things were a bit different this time. After having heard a lot of noise about a beautiful haveli being restored in enigmatic world of Old Delhi, me and a few friends decided to give it a shot.

Easily approachable by metro, this place was almost as beautiful as described and as seen in the pictures. A very efficient and polite staff quickly seated us and we ordered a few mocktails.

I tried a banarasi paan which was very delicately balanced and paan being a strong flavor, was still not overpowering the drink.

I carried it with me to explore the haveli a bit which also have some beautiful rooms and a rooftop with great view of historic laal qila and jaama masjid.

In starters, I loved there palak patta chaat, very crispy and tangy. A must try.

And for main the mutton rogan josh and the daal are for die for. Very flavorful and prepared with a lot of care. The spice factor has been kept low deliberately probably to cater to the international clients which you can always ask to increase if you are a spice lover.

Also, do try there kheer trio which as the name suggest comes in three seasonal flavors.

A great place with very warm hospitality and is a must visit for old world food lovers.

I missed out on the pictures cause my trusted phone died upon me. May be I ll add them in my next visit.