Masala Library, Delhi – An amazing food journey

After being there in my wish list for many months I finally could manage to make my way to the talk of the town, Masala Library. Proudly sitting next to Le meridian hotel, you just cant miss the beautifully done façade of this restaurant. As expected, you instantly get soaked in the simple elegant beauty of the place with every corner impeccably taken care of. A very friendly staff make sure that you get over the initial awe and makes you instantly comfortable with a warm smile and get you seated. I think they must be used to it by now ☺

After prodding around the menu for a while, we settled for the chef’s tasting menu serving 19 different courses paired with 7 different wines. The menu consisted of dishes with some age old recipes from across India – Some re constructed and some de-constructed.

Starting with an AMUSE BOUCHE prepared with coconut milk and mango pulp, served with Piccini prosecco extra dry sparkling wine which was fruity. I would have loved it to be served with some red meat but it worked great.

Then they immediately move you to a different flavor palate, a spicy warm Rasam with a bite sized MADUR VADA. Bang on flavors with a very balanced spices, and this goes for everything else in the menu which I believe has been done keeping in mind the global diners this place attracts.

A deconstructed SAMOSA served in a crispy cracker topped with mashed potatoes and peas with dibs of tamarind and mint chutneys.

Loved the FARMER’s STAPLE, a bajra roti served with fresh white unsalted butter with a filling of caramelized onions, it was a delight to see native Indian cereals getting into main stream fine dine experiences.

The NADRU CHURMA, a crispy lotus stem with a walnut and radish dip was a standout dish.

Accompanied by an aromatic, smooth lehman chardonnay, it was a lovely course, leaving us wanting for more.

A delicious MUSHROOM TEA with dried truffles and exotic mushrooms helped us wash down the food. I could have used a little more of truffle flavors but it was YUM nevertheless.

And then came the GALOUTI KEBAB served with sheermaal, a lightly sweetened bread. The galouti was not shaped as regular kebabs but were served straight out of the mince machine. Interesting presentation, great subtle flavors withouth the usual greasiness.

The CURRY LEAF PRAWNS had the perfect coastal fragrance and flavors and was fresh as a button.

NAGA PORK a dish from made from chillies from Nagaland, Eastern India; I was highly amazed by the mushiness of the pork and the brilliant handling of the chillies.

Simply loved the next dish, a BRAISED MUTTON CHOP, with a sweet tangy glaze of maple and kokum. Loved the perfectly cooked meat and the after taste was heavenly.

The MIZO stew served with authentic Mizoram black rice served hot with delicious chicken is a very filling, soul satisfying dish. It deserves a special mention as I was told that the staff puts in extra efforts to source the original Mizo rice for this dish. Hats off the entire team for such dedication.

By this time I gave up upon the wines and was totally immersed in the food and the stories attached to them which the server recited with extreme precision.

I couldn’t do justice to a delicious, delicately cooked RADHUNI SEA BASS, a Bengali dish cooked in celery topped with crisp Bengali saag. I was getting way too full by this time.

Had a spoonful of the last few dishes and loved the FERMENTED PAKODI DAAL from the Chhatisgarh region. A bit too salty for my taste but it was delicious.

The only two things I tried for dessert were the DARK CHOCOLATE MOUSSE and WHITE CHOCOLATE BALLS with a centre of blueberry. Both sinfully delicious and any one who likes cocoa must try these. The experience of both these desserts can not be expressed in words so I ll leave it upto you to try them out.

An amazing creation by the veterans who take you through a wonderful food journey supported by some brilliant young guns with top notch ingredients and cutting edge food technologies – That’s Masala Library for me.