Special occasion coming up ? Need a dress ? Short on cash ? RM VOGUE is the answer :)

You must all be already aware about newbie which is gaining lot of popularity – ‘RM Vogue’. If not, read it below, every detail about it.
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RM Vogue is a platform for people to rent-in outfits (to earn money) and rent-out (at reasonable price to wear new every-time).

Rent-in from general customers (like us) and Rent-out to B2B (Production house and Photographers) and B2C.
This idea came from a middleman thought of having multiple designer outfits (not repeating more than once) sitting idle in wardrobe and having urge of buying new.
They have made sure to list customer outfiits in “raw-est” form possible knowing not everybody has a dummy or a place to click pictures at home and knowing that the customer dont have expertise to edit them like professionals.
One rightly said, why to take directly from designers and why not to fill home for your sisters and commoner by renting their outfits!!

Overview of Outfits Listed- Outfits worth over 1 lakh, available for rent out as low as Rs 600-14000. And bridal outfits available for rent-out for as low as Rs 4,500. Seggregation is done for Gowns, Lehenga, Suits and Men wear. They also have short dresses which are yet to be published (can DM them on their official number mentioned below, if any requirement).
Rent out options are 1 Day/3 Days/5 Days/7 Days.

Rent-out amount- Very economical (ranges from 10%-25% of total outfit cost).

Not to forget, they also have expert designers in place who can recommend what best can suit one’s personality.

Why not to rent out couple of outfits with the same amount of money spent for buying one!

One renting out , will be earning of others renting in. That’s how RM Vogue emerged and now caters outfits from customers across India.
Do drop in to below and share as much as possible.


91-7291007818/ 91-7891665593

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