Chai Shots, Jasola, Delhi

A very quaint little Shop which serves very flavorful and delicious quick bites with hot beverages. It sits inside the Dlf tower A in Jasola district Centre.

Tried the simple earthly bun maska, a peri peri Maggi and spicy chholey with buttery kulchas. Everything is super fresh. The staff is very helpful and makes the dishes very passionately.

It’s super light on pocket and a great solution for that evening hunger pang.

Biryani & Co., Delhi

A couple of weeks back I was headed to a Saturday afternoon meeting. As usual being a foodie I was asked to pick up some food and I came across biryani Co right on the ring road. Very conveniently located with a few tables for dine in

I was delighted to see that the flavors were based on Andhra delicacies and as I have spent a lot of of time In Hyderabad it brought back a lot of memories

I picked up a chicken 65 to satiate my meat cravings. It was a little gravied unlike the original recipe and I guess they toned down the spice factor to suit the cosmopolitan taste buds but it packed a lot of punch and flavor.

The veg biryani was neatly packed and the veggies were fresh and the rice fragrant though It could have used some more of those beautifullly flavored ingredients. The accompanying Raita was amazing and the Mirchi Saalan was tangy and spicy.

The highlight of the meal was double ka meetha. The feeling is Un explainable. The soft melt in the mouth bread dessert was heaven on earth.

The qubani ka meetha, an apricot dessert, were like tiny bombs which will explode in your mouth with the packed flavors they have.

A must try place for all biryani lovers. Very close to South campus and dhaula Kuan. You can’t miss it.


Koyla Kebab @ The GrubFest 2016

At the recent grubfest, I came across Koyla Kebabs stall. On the recommendation of the staff, I tried a Veg Kakori Kebab, and I must tell you it had the same silky smooth texture which an original kkakori has.

Full of flavors, perfectly spiced and that aroma of smoke and charcoal makes this dish a perfect finger food. I couldnt try the other things as there were a lot of other things to stuff myself with but I am going back soon to there outlet to have  taste of the other delicacies.

The Big Fat Sandwich at GrubFest 2016

At the recent GrubFest, I came across the stall of Big Fat Sandwich. The entire menu was super enticing and I went for the El Toro – An open burger with hummus, rocket leaves and grilled sausages.

The bun was soft, the sausages – subtly flavored, perfectly cooked and freshly made hummus at the bottom topped with some crunchy leaves. Every bite of that thing was super satisfying and am definitely going back for some more very soon.


Twisted Tacos – Not twisted at all :)

You cant miss this bright place just on the corner of GK 2 Market and Mexican being a favourite cuisine of mine, I ventured in to try this new kid on the block.

They have a very diversified menu with a lot of interesting options which left me literally confused what to chose as I wanted to everything LOL.

On the suggestion of the staff, took a Chipotle Chicken Burrito. Nicely served with some salsa and sour cream, the burrito was quite huge with some really bursting flavors of Chipotle sauce and good quantity of chicken and veggies and rice and beans.

Good value for money. The staff is friendly. Great solution for a quick bite.

The outlet is tastefully done and is very well maintained.

I always crave for some interesting innovative options to try out when I have to satisfy a small hunger pang and when I am in NOIDA I really get disheartened from the lack of such options though recently I came across a place called Jack Po!tato’s.

A very interesting place in GIP which turned the humble potato into some really very interesting dishes. I tried the POTATO CHOWDER and I was very excited about it as I hardly found any good chowders in India. Chowder is a soup prepared with milk or cream and thickened with veggies or meat, in this case it was potatoes. Poured in a yummy sourdough bread, the thick chowder was one of the tastiest I have ever had. Creamy, warm, soaking the flavors for the sourdough ( Do try a piece of moist sourdough once you are done with the chowder, you ll be in heaven if you like those kind of western flavors)

Along with it my friend ordered a SAUSAGE topped potato which was very beautifully presented and the sausages were very flavor ful and juicy though I hated to see that we somehow couldnt manage to finish the large potato base.

It was really interesting to know that how they managed to get those beautiful potatoes. I was told that they researched about 40 different varieties before finalizing on this one and how they ensure consistency by defining the various parameters of potato. They really glorified the humble POTATO.

NOIDA food scene is sure starting to evolve and I wish it gets better and better. Thanks Jack and I am still wondering why that exclamation in the middle of the Potato. 🙂